Colors/interviews for EvilKitten news



Hewo! Look at the title.
Interview form
Favorite character:
Best project?:
Any features?:
Thanks to @Huggingfluffybear for idea.


Interview form
Username: SmileyAlyssa:blush:
Favorite character: Bird
Best project?:
If you are talking about my favorite project that I did, then My Holiday Card w/ mini-games v1.0 (or you can write LavaRUN if you want! :sweat_smile:)
If you are talking about someone else's, then Thrid Date by FrumpyEwok
Any features: 4! :smile:


Thank you! I will make this ASAP


Here is the link!


Thanks! Looks awesome!


Drumroll is my invention


No problem! I just thought news was cool!


Nice idea :grinning: (Taking up space)


Hello! I would love an Interveiw!
Username: Dude73
Favorite character: frog
Best project: by me, make your own OC (WIP) by someone else, Astral:Pace
No features yet, but I am working on a project that just might! (It is a surprise)

#10 I hope you like green?


Interview please
Favorite character:chillana
Best project:any of my logos
Have you been on featured:nope I working towards it
Other:I love sugar


Thank you so much! And my favorite color is green. :blush: