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it’s funny to see people wear puffy jackets in 60° weather lolol


also I’m going thrifting tomorrow bc there’s a bunch of stores and I’m excited cause there’s like none where I live


That’s it for my update


hey hey hey it’s 2019


oo oo did you get any cute clothes?


no because i realized i had no room in my suitcase ;0
i did get a pair of slip on vans for 10$ tho
and i had a really good matcha iced tea
but that’s it lmao


ouch class is boring
and i’m drawing instead of studying for finals
and have an inability to draw eyes


omg that looks good :)) but bro finals are v important oof


yeh i’m gonna be studying at the library all today for the next two days oof
and probably an all-nighter one of these upcoming days


hee hee
finals :)))))
aren’t they just
great :))))
no chance of moving my 87% to 90% but like every A class can easily go to a B :)) ha ha ha


and when
my chrome book didn’t charge
so i had to hand write my in class essay :)))


:((( i hope your week will get better


it’s almost over ;0


hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha


i love school :))))))))))))))))))))


honestly tho besides school and fake friends life’s decent ^^
i doubt anyone will ever see this but how are y’all


im AHHHHHHH cuz i tried apologizing to Tyler and he hasnt responded


aahhh it’ll be fine i promise you
everything will work out
me on the other hand
i don’t even have the guts to approach my crush lolol


i stg if school doesn’t get cancelled once this week or next week :pensive::pensive:


and i get u don’t like him anymore (i think unless i misunderstood) but it’s fine everything will work out