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@ColorlessCanvas here


thank you @Petrichor @SarcasticTvHead
idk what happened it was very confusing


Yeah me too


oh shoot i didnt realize how visible my notes were
but its not a fun topic :((
especially when my bio teacher last year decided to show a video of live birth
it was very… graphic


Ewww…I’m assuming from outside the body…


it showed the development of the baby and then outside… ):


Okay, that’s just gross.


bad time to come here, whoops


lmao sorry
my topic is a mess


im a mess, trust me.

gawd whats wrong with me


light changes

why does my eye color change so much

yes it’s lighting it’s just weird to me


Weird, but do know that your eye is the part of your face that helps people to track you down the most, right?


really? I had no idea
but trust me I look reeeaaaal different than those eye color photos lmao


Still not entirely sure (both pictures have the same headband in them), but okay.


Tik Tok memers are the new viners


i enjoy the content lol


beware for a rant time


I have a fake friend
But I can’t cut her out bc she’s part of my friend group and I can’t break it up
But she’s been inviting all my friends to hang out and then not inviting me and telling everyone she asked and I said I was busy
Which never happened
and she just invited me to go into the city with her and some of my friends because someone else canceled on her
But she’s been talking to one of my friends who told me that she feels uncomfortable around me
because I’m a killjoy
and always ruin the mood of conversations
Why invite me then
She also said that I always look tired and it rubs off on others
but I can’t help if I look tired when I need to study all night just to understand what I’m learning
and that I don’t respond well to her jokes
When she never talks to me when we’re in a group together in the first place
I’m living life :,)


I got the flu and I’m leaving for California in 2 days hahahah


Cali weather is so different than where I’m from