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Isn’t that @Someone45356’s lol?


I decided to make Mac and cheese for dinner bc my parents are going to a party
I MADE TOO MUCH Ahahahhahah
there’s enough for like 6 people
and I’m
one person lmao


Why not have friends over for a mac ’n’ cheese party? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would eat it I’m that hungry


hmm what friends


yeah I ate a lot already whoops


theres a video circulating around my school
of a girl in my grade and two other guys who go my “twin highschool” ((neighboring towns that combined their names and named both of them the same with either north or south at the end))

and the video isof the two guys who kept on calling someone along with other words a racial slur the n word
and that girl didnt say anything but she was laughing

its insane
i dont understand why people would do that
and she kept on copying and pasting the same apology all ove everyone who was posting about it

but im glad tho our schools are taking care of it and its good to know that people saying stuff like that is not tolerated


my school is privileged and white
which is annoying bc some people dont realize that being rich and a white majority school doesnt give white people the right to say slurs like that especially with the history behind it


also some people were defending the girl?? i dont understand


thanks for listening to my ted talk


the girl said she was shocked laughing

gurl… u sure about that bc u didnt seem like u were shocked


there was something like that at my district’s high school also.
someone in our grade found a video or smth (w the same concept as urs) and he sent it to a few of his friends, which got around a bit of the school

it’s so stupid what ppl will do just to get some attention ajdkaks


the school is taking care of it apparently bc i heard they brought all the teenagers to the police station or something omg
and now a bunch of people keep on making memes on this
i agree, i dont understand why people have to do things like that


im glad that ur school took care of it tho lol

also did the video happen to be on Snapchat?


yeah it was on snapchat but now it has spread all over insta


i think I’m starting to get used to going to bed at two now ;0


dam n I tried to copy the entire bee movie script here but it didn’t work


also I know the proportions are off idk how to do profile lmao


Oh my bio teacher said we’re learning about STIs and all that stuff next chapter


Hey I fixed your topic UwU