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i love you :two_hearts::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartpulse::heartbeat::cupid::cupid::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:



(Coincidentially, that’s what I’m doing to everyone with my likes right now.)


I love this photo so much omg


same lol


dynasty is a rlly good show y’all


omg I just went to the restaurant where videos of their pizza pot pies have been going viral all over ig
and t was a two hour wait but def worth it
so tasty


nobody can be extra as my family
We’re having a second thanksgiving dinner because we want more thanksgiving food


omg that’s such a mood lmao


because it feels weird to eat thanksgiving food on a normal day so now we’re having our own second celebration of food agahha


oof i haven’t been asking but how are you?


I’m ok
Just stressed and sleep deprived


yeah i am fine lmao this shark tank project and all ;)) love you <33


awwww love you tooooo


i dunno if the e coli lettuce scare is over yet
but i accidently had lettuce today in a wrap for lunch oops
my state was/is one of the infected
hopefully itll b ok lol
theres a very small chance


i took an algebra II quiz and I thought I failed and I have a risky 90 in the class
I got an A ;0

my grade
went up


hahahaha I love school
I pulled an all nighter to write a history dbq
in preparation of ap testing and of course
I got
life is great


but I feel worse for my friend because she got a 35% on it lmao


don’t take ap classes y’all
Unless you’re smart
because I’m not


Or any classes lolazo.