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I’m not the type of person to stay up late haha
If I could, I’d go to bed at like 9 everyday lol


ahaha I look like the living dead
my eyes are red and they keep on watering yikes


I literally laughed out loud when I read this. Not staying up late is an entirely different view for me…


oof i use to stay up all night in seventh grade but no i sleep at 9 or 10


I feel old lol
I used to pull all nighters all the time but now they make me cry


Right??? Last month I was so stressed from school I just went to bed at … 8 lol…


I’ve been going to sleep earlier too. Like, I’ve been going to sleep at 11:30pm lately, I’m feeling old LOL.


that’s my usual time actually ;0


What I am doing now is an example of a late night. It is 1:05am right now,


It’s almost 3am what am I doing to myself


good for you can’t relate whoops


Oh, you’re just putting your body on a different sleep schedule and reducing alertness… (Yeah, I have watched lectures on what lack of sleep does to you)


@KittyShip @Sweetlina
I love y’all so much!! I’m so thankful for u both
happy thanksgiving :turkey:


aww i love y’all so much ahhh :heartbeat: happy thanksgiving!

drawing instead of doing my homework whoops

idk why it’s so blurry :,(


Wow, that’s awesome!
How do you draw like that?

I bet I’ll be able to relate to that next year.


patience and a broken pencil sharpener lol
and it’s bc I’m the biggest procrastinator ever ;(



honestly this is what I call stunning


aww you’re so sweet :sob::sob::sob:


that’s stunning!! bro you have a great talent :star_struck: