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my coach is so annoying
she changes my private to today at 11:30 before my practice bc she can’t do Sunday this week
And she
doesn’t show up
after like 20 minutes of me warming up and waiting for her, her assistant goes up to me and tells me that she’s not here and can’t go at the moment and she’s changing it tot 3:30 at we my practice
and she’s was there but of course she talks to other people until like 3:45
so we just wait bc the last time someone stood up to her they got banned from egret :((
and guess what
us again
with her jacket and Ugg’s and expensive purse
and leaves


It’s so disrespectful for MY time especially being a 40-50 minutes drive one way to the center


It just makes me so upset


That stinks…


I wore falsies for the first time today n they didn’t look as bad as I thought they would :)))


also am I the only person that waits until Sunday to do all their homework?


yeah i usually do that ^^


I do my homework Monday morning on the way to school
Or I never do it


I got tickets to go the two set violin concert ahhh
they’re youtubers n they’re very funny
I’m very excited


but on the other note
I have two very important tests tomorrow so I’m gonna pull an all nighter. lol


if ur a slow learner and take forever to study and learn material
dont be like me and take all ap and honors classes :))))


This is why I’m not in any honors classes


yeah… i kind of made a bad decision by doing that lol…


hey that sounds fun!! i hope you have a good time!


thank u!!
im really excited for it
i got first section and its first come first serve so im really hoping for front row


my lifestyle basically just consists of drinking bitter coffee to stay awake and ultimately falling asleep
but im gonna try to stay awake bc i really need to study


sorry my boys
my household
we dont have sugar in the house
no creamer
i love my healthy family its so fun


ive been studying for the last 7 hours

i love school


I got 2 hrs of sleep…
that’s better than none I guess


Wow, I get more than that when I stay up till 2:00am.