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i want to be a hostess but that probably wont happen so ill be mary shelley or mozart or something lmaoo


It snowed this morning so that was cool
But now it’s all gone lol


sAT classes make me want to enD myseLf


but good news head coach for badminton says I’m improving and she’s gonna move me to a higher team in January or something
which feels like a long time but also not because that team is rlly good


ok but also I feel like since school started the year has gone by so quickly
Next week is thanksgiving…


yay congrats!


yikes that just hit me


anyone who has time
do you know items I can buy or whatever in order to create this outfit
it’s for my history class’s enlightenment salon
image image image image


that is anyone that visits this topic anymore oops


i have seen some of these clothing when i was thrift shopping so maybe go to a local thrift store?


the only good thing that happened this far into the week
My docs arrived!!!
Peep my Beatles shirt


hey that came in quick! you look cute!!


Yeah I was rlly surprised bc they said they’d come on Thursday but they came today lol


when you have to write an essay and finish ur hw :)))))
but ur sister doesn’t want to make lunch ;)))))) and makes you do it :))))))
and it’s not sandwiches but actually cooking :))))))) bc my mom doesn’t believe in sandwiches :))))))


How ironic my mom only believes in sandwiches


my moms… a health nut
She’s really into believing whatever she reads on the internet
and she has her own garden and composts and everything
She also thinks that carbs are bad bc they turn into sugar… but it’s rlly glucose and it’s kind of how you live bc it turns into energy but whatever o guess lol


HAHAHAH I just finished my essay and it’s four pages long and now I have to shorten it a lot bc it’s a history essay and she likes it to be a lengthy but short at the same time even tho those things r opposites
I also have to sort out my ideas


now THIS is a look ladies and gentlemen


my art walls are coming aLonG


… this is two years of art work that I like oops


also I like barely draw anymore uhhh