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no I don’t even have the app anymore hdjsjsjskaj


I used to pull at my eyebrows before so I used to have no eyebrows shjsksjsks


ngl the first one gave me dan and phil flashbacks


I’m not surprised I was in that British YouTube craze at that age lol


I’m not a very responsible person…
I ate a grilled cheese for breakfast… I’m lactose intolerant :))))


but anyways
someone help I’m thinking of buying doc martens idk what color or just a new pair of shoes which I also don’t know what kind
what should I buy lol


uwu what kind of colors are available


DOC MATTENS R SO CUTE idk get plain black omes


I’m deciding between black white and cherry red


oooh should I get the matte black ones or the shiny black ones lol


ooo cherry red sounds nice but you have to think about the outfits that can fit so maybe black can work ?


yeah I still haven’t decided lol
I’ll figurw it out


u know when u can feel ur getting sick



i hate that feeling ! does your throat feel, werid


yeah I hate the feeling and then when I try to drink water or swallow it hurts lol

oh well I’ll b fine :,)


oof yeah i don’t like that feeling :(( i hope you feel better


I jUsT ordEred a paIr
I hope they look cute


oooo which color?


I decided to get a black pair lol


for my history class
We have to do this thing called an enlightenment salon
Where it’s a salon in the 17th 18th century and we have to act like people from then like monarchs, scientists, musicians, authors, etc
and we also have to dress up like powdered wigs and all and do a presentation (memorize a part of a book someone wrote, play something, do a speech, etc)
and I donT waNT tO dO iT