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i just found it off Pinterest hsjsjskksks


bahahaha okay lmao she just looks like my friend


thanks parents for repeatedly telling me to go see a counselor at school :)))


i don’t like counselors ?? i don’t get the point of talking to a stranger that has no idea what happened but somehow gives advice ? why talk to a stranger when you can talk to someone that actually understands you ? i don’t like my counselors at my school ew


yeah I don’t plan on scheduling an appointment bc it feels awkward


oof I haven’t been home all day
I had two hr badminton practice in the morning then had lunch then did my homework then went to my sat class and then went back to badminton and didn’t start my private lesson for an hour and a half bc she was late then played for another 2 hours
and I just want to sleep but I have to study T_T


sleep/taking care of yourself/ur overall health > school.


^^^^ !!!
yes please take rest ! i don’t care if that math project to due tomorrow, take a 30 minute nap


@KittyShip thanks for the worry :))
I just dislike how my coach has a complete lack of respect for my time :))))


happy Halloween everyone
I’ll be at gso tonight and be studying for all my tests my teachers kindly decided to put on Thursday and Friday :)))))))
but hey
I found an old picture of my Halloween cat makeup (lol) and my eyeliner from 3 years ago compared to now omg…

ignore that I literally look like S atan in the first eye pic

it’s barely any of my face so I doubt I’d get in trouble for posting it haha


feel free to roast my eyebrows lmao


or I guess lack of oof


I hope trick or treating ends soon bc I’m running out of candy :,)


beautiful ? stunning ? tf my eyebrows are so thin and small yikes
fsjahzjsj you look beautiful bdsjhsjsb <3


Why I wanted to go to the UK–

So my front door didn’t have to get bombarded with trick or treaters.


He CC, have you coded on HS recently?


Beautiful :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


yikes no one trick or treated here because it was raining tf texas’s weather is wildin


they literally bang on the doors a million times and don’t stop
or ring the doorbell so many times oof


I remember a couple years ago it was hailing and like snowing
and we all just wanted to watch horror movies and drink hot cocoa but then this one girl I invited left my house in the snow to go trick or treating and I was ://////