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yeah it just made me realize why my parents are acting differently around me oof


its not cancelled apparently :((
i guess ill just have to invite my friends over later that week oomf


it wasnt really complaining i was just confused as to so many bad things happened today lol




i feel like god is conspiring against me
i mean its also my fault but my day has been awful
i dropped my phone twice and it cracked
i got c’s on 2 tests which hurt bc i studied all weekend and got a’s on all the quizzes for that unit
i had a pen break and left ink all over my hand
my english grade dropped to a b :((
i did bad in playing tests today
i got hit in the head with a violin stand
i got stuck in a door
and its also that time of the month



Oh my, oh my… Such terrible misfortunes have happened to you…


but two good things happened ig
I got a 98 on my math test and 100 on my Chinese test
I mean it doesn’t overrule anything but at least o feel better whoops


oof I rlly want to get back to drawing
I haven’t drawn nonrealism for the longest time and now I can’t anymore T_T


my last message for this morning of daily thoughts
stan day6


yay congrats dude !!


shmood bahaha


But even more stuff happened today but I can’t mention it bc yikes
but now I’m afraid to drive bc I’m afraid I’ll crash the car or something oof


I have risen to the weird conclusion that my earrings might be bad luck so I’m not wearing them today shsksjsjsk


Very interesting conclusion you have come up with. :clap::clap::clap:


and school ends in 1 minute and nothing too bad happened hmm…:


I also got over my anxiety to schedule a time to meet with my teacher for help so it’s not a big achievement but hey at least I did something


peep a drawing I’m working on



I started it in September and this is the first time I’ve touched it since then lmaooo


it’s a floating head :upside_down_face:


that’s amazing !! is it a specific person or you’re just drawing a random person