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iT beTtEr bE cAncElLeD
otherwise the directors are from he ll


well the directors should know that their kids have a life unlike them so they should cancel it and reschedule it


Warcross book two came out last month and I rlly want to read it omg
book one is really good highly recommend


while all my irl friends are having the times of their lives being the happiest they can be
here I am complaining on a forum bc I’m that alone and pitiful


sad hours for cc


I know this is probably the worst place to vent but I’m so alone now


you know what
I’ll probably go now before I say even worse things and make an i diot out of myself on this forum that was made for coding


Oh my gosh yes I need to read the second one as soon as I possibly can


I love having assigned groups :))))
We had to condense all of act one of Macbeth to thirty lines and preform it and of course :)))) no one did the work so I had to write the entire script
which isnt that long just annoying :))))))))


turns out my pulled muscle still hasn’t healed and I just made it worse by going to practice yesterday so that’s fun
and now I have to go to the doctors :,(
I hope I recover soon bc I have 3 tournaments coming up and I don’t want my private coach to stop coaching me and replace my time slot


oof i got so scared that there was someone in my house bc I’m home alone so I’m hoping it’s nothing bc I’m the most paranoid person in the world


same !! i can’t take showers when i am home alone because i feel like someone can come in and i won’t know


yeah especially bc my house makes rlly strange noises and it was really windy outside
and like there was a sound I’ve never heard my house make before (the stairs rattling) so I got so scared


I literally get scared by anything yikes


I rlly like my orchestra pieces this year they’re so fun

this is like the first time I’ve ever liked playing the violin in orchestra l oops


hey hey hey
it’s the first time I’ve drawn in a couple months lol…
I know it’s not that good I was drawing during lunch … ;0
and idk how to draw in pen yikes


iVe gOt tWo teSts tomOrroW


I just realized that the reason why my parents are so up in my business is bc my sister told them something that she promised not to say
;( sad hours
those were really private thoughts


oof i hate when my sister does that :(( you okay?