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yay congrats dude!!!


Thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Oof I only need 1% higher to get an A in my history class but I can’t remembwr anything for my test tomorrow :((((


can I
End my existence


It doesn’t help that I got 4hrs of sleep and my coffee wore off


my essay is so bad I want to kms


No, don’t do that.


Oomf rehearsal just ended so guess who’s gonna pull an all nighter bc they need A’s :)))))


aw yea the good ol’ oedipus

we read antigone freshman year but never got to oedipus rex or the colonus one


I’m hoping it turns out okay but :,)


I learned I’m really good at history essays but I’m awful writing English essays lol


I’m very annoyed bc I got a 96 on a math test but the problem I got wrong was correct
I just expanded it when I didn’t need to, but I still got the correct answer
I should’ve gotten 100 :sob::sob:


When I get home today I’m probably gonna sleep lmao


oomf I pulled a muscle today in practice and it hurts so bad
I can kind of play I just can’t lunge or move quickly ugh
it hurts so bad and idk what to do bc I have a 2hr and a 1hr private tomorrow


:(((( i hope you heal quickly!


Oof I meant to reply to u but I forgot
thank you
I hope it’s better by tomorrow bc I really need to be able to play


I feel bad bc I just declined to go to fright fest but I also have not done my
Hw and it’s really stressing me out


seventeens our dawn is hotter than day just popped on my playlist
I forgot how much I loved seventeen ;0


by the way
stan nct
it’s worth it


I want to cry bc I might have orchestra rehearsal on Halloween