Colorless Canvas's general topic of daily thoughts



just my daily thoughts
nothing more nothing less
so i can stop bothering people lol and be myself


Nice topic.:ok_hand:
What’s the thought of the day


y’ever just do something that you dread to do,
and feel really proud??




thankss love you too :D


me everytime i wake up and go to school tbh shxbxbxhsh


same honestly

my classes are 1 1/2 hours long each and they’re so long


YIKES my classes r only 55 minutes cuz ykno im in 7th grade rip


when i went to summer school for a writing workshop it was from 8-12 with no breaks T-T


someone i follow on insta made a conspiracy theory and it was tht taehyung and ross lynch r the same person cuz they think orange haired taehyung looks like him im wheez inhg


at least it’s over??? and u actually get breaks and stuff now


the resemblance is uncanny :joy:


thank god haha


i can’t figure out whether all the drama about mydol is real or just people teaching the bots??
and then a bunch of people think that it’s a spy app that hacks into your phone?
idk man…


me: i should study

also me: studying?? ha whats that


sup everyone


I’ve given up trying to memorize their names and I’m focusing on watching try not to laugh bts editions


ooh i love bts
i love try not to laughs sm
i recommend variety shows they’ve been on
like weekly idol

do you have any favorite songs yet? :0


mic drop and dna. :stuck_out_tongue:


have u listened to hyyh yet bc hyyh was Best Era and butterfly and autumn leaves make me so emo