Colorado Citizens: What kind of trouble did the March 23rd, 2016 snowstorm cause you? (Will be put into a project)


First of all,


This information will be put into a project...

I promise!

All you need to do:
Only if you're from Colorado;
My story:
Our car flattened a wheel when it hit an ice block. We are worried about it!


My friend lives there i can get his story if you want,


You live in Colorado too! O.o
Are you talking about the snowstorm that happened yesterday?


@Giraffedolphin26 yup, the Snowstorm of March 23rd 2016.


Wow, yesterday we were outside, having fun…
It was all warm and sunny…
We didn't know you were having a snowstorm…
We live in New Jersey (not so new), so that's the difference between time zones…


Heres something you can use for your project


I'm very far from Colorado...

I'm not needed here!

Good luck with your project, @LavenderLovinNerd!


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I'm far from Colorado but good luck! I'm sure this project will look great!


Hmm.. Nothing really affected me, I guess!
A few of my friends houses got leaks and stuff, the wifi was down for a bit, and it was really cold, but that was it for me.
Also the Denver airport got closed, so a lot of flights to/from Denver to my town were canceled. Dunno if that really affected me, but it's something that happened.


So, my friends were going there, and their flight was going to land in Colorado on Tuesday. Their plane couldn't land there, so they flew to Utah and drove into Colorado the next morning. I have family there, and I'm a Broncos fan, so I stay in touch with them. They told me that the trampoline is iced over and we shouldn't jump on it like we did last time...