Color settings in Hopscotch?



What if there were color settings in Hopscotch?

Like, you could change the color of the text, and background.
There could be an Account Settings page, where you could change your profile pic, username, etc., maybe even have user stats (amount of drafts, amount of published projects, likes given/received, no. of followed people, no. of followers), and you could change stuff like the color of the text, the bubble outline (the thingy that outlines a number box), the background color of the editor, maybe a nighttime mode.

That would be cool, right?
Besides, no offense, but that bright turquoise is kind of loud right now…

@Ana, @Rodrigo, @awesomeonion, @Liza, @omtl, what do you guys think?


I like this idea.

I remember the old editor (somewhere between 2015-2016) where the color of the text was the same as the color of the box.

Like, in these pictures, the red movement block has all red text, the draw a trail block has pink text and so on.

It’d be amazing if we could do this again…

I would also understand why this may not be possible, but Tankt had a great idea, and I’d actually kinda like to see if having something like this again would be possible.


I just want to see a dark mode


Yeah, and that would be all
We don’t want THT to be working on secondary stuff


Yeah, it’s just bright at times.


I’m also thinking a new interface would be nice too


Like what?
More profile pics for the people without the subscription would be cool, too.


Yes, and we’re a bunch of night owls


Maybe like a whole revamp for the app


Tweens and teens seem to have a habit of staying up late.


And even with the brightness all the way down, the white colors are still so bright.


Nah they just updated it to the “iPhone” version two years ago? It’s not very consistent of them to keep changing the format.


Bringing back the old, character profiles would be nice. I actually think @hopscotch-curators do this sometimes tho. I think you could request one, but I’m not sure…

Do you do that for people just like that or do you have to earn it or something?


Yeah, that’d be cool, I’d love a pic of Bird or something.
And if the people with the old character pics change their pic, they can’t get the old one back again.


I want to see like new tabs, dark mode, more code blocks, new project cards, a way for iPhone users to choose a landscape size that fits the whole screen etc.


And I’m not sure if you have to win them in a contest or something.
Or if you can request them.


That’s why I tagged them and asked?


Yeah, that’d be awesome.
And zoom mode in the editor, at least on iPhones, because I have a tiny iPhone 5s, and it’s so hard to tap on an object precisely.


Newer tutorials


Yes, a new dark mode like what Apple has done
But I hope it doesn’t cause more lag

And I think we should also be able to change the screen size too. We could make them square, IPad, IPhone, and custom sizes