Color Chooser Drawing Pad Tutorial!

Hello! Today I am going to show YOU, and yes, YOU, how to make an interactive color chooser thing!

Now, you may be asking me, “HEY RAWRBEAR!! Can you insert custom colors into this?” The answer is, no. You cannot, because this uses color values.

Now, the first step is to make a new blank project.

After you’ve done that, drag in any shape for your characters (and shapes only!), but I’m going to use a more modern example, which is a circle.

Okay, now that you’ve done that, put a repeat forever block inside of a When the play button is tapped block, or if you’d rather go the pro way, do When 7=7. I’ll leave the pro way to you guys, I’ll go the other way!

Now, what we need to do is go into the iPad part of values, and add a new value called “Color”, or anything else that you can remember selects the colors.

Now, what we have to do can be a bit tricky, so stay tuned. Bring out a set color and a set text block.

Then put the Color value into the set text block. If you mess up, just try again!

Now here’s the tricky part. Drag the color value from the set text block to the set color block.

After you’ve got this, just delete the set text block.

Then, we want to make the color something, like black, which is what I will be doing. So make the color black by adding a new rule with when the play button is tapped, then put in a set value block with your color value in it.

Then get your color number, and add two 0’s after it, which would in my case be 2000.

Try putting it into the set color block!

You will see that you got orange. Now count how many spaces are between black and orange, which is 12.

Then, do 2000 (first #) + 12 (second #), which is 2012.

Put that into your “set value color” block. It should look like this if you are going along with my example.

Now, drag a circle in, and put it on the left of your circle. Not the right!!

Then, add a new rule, and do when the play button is tapped, repeat forever (or you can go the pro way with this) Set color to color - 1. You can get the - sign when you scroll down on the “Calculator” tab.

Also, you need to do the tricky part again but with the whole thing, so keep trying if you fail!

Then after that, add a circle on the right.

Then, do the same thing, but make it + instead of -.

Then, you will get this result!

Now we want to make the colors switch when you touch the left or the right side. So, go into the left circle and do when character is tapped, increase value color by -1.

Then, go to the right circle and do the same thing, but do 1 instead of -1.

And there you go! It works! :smile:

But, now you may be asking Rawrbear, “RAWRBEAR!!! HOW DO I MAKE A DRAWING PAD OUT OF THIS?!?!”

Here is the answer to that question. Add a new text object, and call it whatever you would like, as we will make this invisible later. Place it anywhere!

Then make a rule: When the play button is tapped, set invisibility 100.

Then make another rule: When iPad is tapped, set position to last touch x and last touch y. If you have the new update, just use “Move to my finger”!

Then, make another rule: When iPad is pressed, leave a trail color Color width [whatever you’d like!]

And there you go! A nice, awesome drawing pad! But maybe you should move the circles down… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, if you liked it, leave a like below! I spent about 2 hours working on this… :sweat_smile:

Enjoy your new drawing pad!


Wow, @Rawrbear, great tutorial!!
This should really help peps who want to make drawing pads.
I might use this for PizzaPad 3.1! Great tutorial, again.


This is an amazing tutorial @Rawrbear! Thank you for making this :smile: It's really helpful and clear, and I like how you annotated your screenshots.


AWESOME! I'm gonna make a my own colour drawing pad out of this!

I'll give you credits!


@Rawrbear can you plz make tutorial for the new update? Thank uou

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Okay, I'll make it asap! :D

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Read this too

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This used to be my favorite topic

This is getting revived so many times. :p