Color bugs and value defaults?


Hey! I’ve been doing some stuff with colors and I noticed that the new skin colors don’t have values.

For example, you can copy and paste a variable into the slot where you would select colors. Then, whenever the value is increased it goes to the next color on the default list of colors. (Sorry for saying color so many times)

But when I wanted to use this trick with the new skin colors for something the would cycle through all the default colors, it wouldn’t go to the new colors, instead it would just set itself back at the first color on the list again.

Was this done by the HS team on purpose?


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That’s strange. It doesn’t affect much, but it’s strange. If they did count, the old draw pads would be a mess now.


This is confusing, why use default colours when there’s HSB and RGB?


possibly, to prevent breaking older draw pads. They use HSB literals which is why they work in older projects, theyre not actually hard coded. So in the editor, really that button just pastes in hsb(x,y,z) in, not callls a number. I doubt that is ever used in the app.


I think that this wosent done on purpose, it was probably just forgotten


idk… it would make sense though. nobody really uses that anymore anyway

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Weird. I don’t have a clue if this is made on purpose or not, I guess that we have to ask THT to know that.


Sometimes the default colors are just easier to use than having to make a variable for H,S,B, and R,G,B.


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I don’t think it would. Aren’t the new colours after the old ones?


Prob not


They probably would be, you’re right.
However, some projects probably used the fact that it loops the colours.


Strange thing is these colors have assigned values in older projects (before custom rules)