Collisions are not working ever since the update


Many of you may know my fury about how Minecraft parkour stopped working. If you play it, try jumping on the platform ahead of you. Notice how game over appears? But the next level doesn't activate? This is a bumps problem.

@DMF told me that one of his games isn't working:

Is anyone else having any trouble with either "bumps" or "touches"?

This should be fixed ASAP.

@t1_hopscotch I think I now know the bug​:slight_smile:

Please be aware of this, guys: @OMTL


Just wanted to add, I think your other post was really detailed information too! :smiley: Worth linking so here it is, for anyone else:


Nothing is working :(


For me it either doesn't work or just says the Womp! Something went wrong. Which is really annoying, so now basically all I can do it just make drawing pads again :confused: