Collision blocks don't work with tiny objects

1 sentence description of the problem: When an object is too small, the collision blocks(when is touching and when bunps) don’t work with it.

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
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  1. Put in a normal sized object
  2. Put drag me or something in that object so you can test it and move it around
  3. Make another object
  4. In that 2nd object, do when game starts: set width 1 and height 1
  5. Add something to happen when the two objects are touching, like the small one grows
  6. Test it. It doesnt work.

I expected this to happen: the collision to actually work and result in running the code in the when touching block

But instead this happened: It didnt run the code, didnt even realize that theyre touching

(Include project link if relevant)

It’s hard to see, but the tiny yellow dot is a circle. It has code to grow when the square is touching it. It’s not growing.

Device details:

(You can go to :gear: > “About”, and take a screenshot

Also: different sizes work for different objects. For example, a circle only works with collisions if it is width and height 2.5 or bigger, and a square can work with 1.5 or bigger.


Hmm… super weird…


When using the size block, 3.4 or lower won’t work