Collection of HS Improvement ideas (TTHSCA)


(Things That HopScotch Should Consider Adding)

put together by @TB23


This is a collection I have compiled of as many ideas as I could for improving HS in different ways. I am not claiming to have come up with all of the ideas shared in this topic. I’m just trying to put them all in one place and add my own thoughts in hopes that THT will see some of these and consider changes. If I have used an idea and you are certain you have been the original individual to have thought of it and for any reason do not want me including it here, please @ me and I will have it removed.

Abbreviations used

HS (Hopscotch)
THT (The Hopscotch Team)
Scratch (Another well known coding tool used by kids)
PFP (Profile Picture)


Why do we need this?

I think that having more options for profile customization could help make HS feel a lot more user friendly… (not that it isn’t already) But it would give creators more tools to use to express themselves and what they like to make. It would help make users feel more like they can stand out from others and in some ways feel more professional.


A profile banner would be an image of something (if you have pro or pay seeds) but if you don’t have pro or enough seeds I think that you would be able to set the banner as the Thumbnail of one of your games. This way people could show off their favorite game right next to their profile picture. I think that this would be an amazing addition.

Another step that could be taken would be that pro members should be able to use gifs or that HS will automatically let you select a few frames of gameplay from one of your games (or a few) to set as a “Profile Trailer” maybe even a whole new area to put it together with custom images and fonts. This would all be a part of Banners as it would go where the banner would be if you choose to make a trailer or preview of your profile instead.

Color Schemes

Color Schemes. We all want them. HS already has done something with this where when you pick your pfp it will also set the whole color scheme. (The color that is around your seed balance)

I think that if we could choose a color scheme that not only shows the color we chose, but also shows to other people who visit your profile, that it would be another great way to customize profiles to stand out more from others. Example: Jeff just got HS and his avatar that was automatically chosen for him has made his color scheme yellow. Jeff sees Alex’s profile and notices how everything is different shades of green. Jeff decides he wants to change his color scheme too. He goes to the new “Profile Customization” section in settings and has a variety of colors to choose from.

I think that this feature should be free to all HS users with or without a subscription.

More badges

Now this is one I’d love to see happen. What if we could have badges for all kinds of things that would display on your profile. (You would choose 3 to be displayed under your name)

Top Creator Badge shown when you get your first ever project in the “Masterpiece Tab”
The Power of Love Badge shown for those who have liked over 100 projects
Forum User Badge shown when your account is a verified Forum account
Seed Developer Badge
HS Team Badge
1 year Badge
Watching all the tutorials Badge

and the list could go on and on…

These would be pretty cool to have as a feature so that new users would want to try to make things and grow in learning to gain more and more badges. They wouldn’t give any kind of advantage except that they look cool and would be fun to collect.

Project Customization

Being able to have more options when publishing a project would be nice
Here are some examples of things that could be changed/added:

  1. Making a thumbnail
    When publishing a project, you can now tap on the thumbnail button and create either a thumbnail of just a picture of your project chosen by you from a few frames of the gameplay, OR the ability with seeds/ pro to add custom art and images to the thumbnail. It would be a new editor that would have fonts, graphics (maybe ones you’ve made) and I think it should also come with a png circle of your pfp to put in the corner or wherever you want on the thumbnail.

  2. Custom characters
    This one I know for sure I didn’t originally come up with the idea for, but nonetheless it is a very good idea. We should be able to import pictures or use the custom art editor to create our own characters (like the HS ones) that we can name and put with the row of other characters that exist. This would be really great for making it easier to make sequels to games and to have an OC to use in all your games.
    Maybe even having a library of characters and assets made by others would be really awesome to have but I will talk about that more later.

  3. Tags
    Something that would help make HS less cluttered and names of games not being so long, would be a dropdown of tabs to tag your project with. When viewing another person’s project, you would be able to tap the small tag icon for it to expand and show what tags the project has. If a project is not in the right tab, the tags can be reported.

Project Search

There should be a search tool on every profile that lets you search for a specific project with keywords. (The tags would also help here) This would just be a nice addition that would be more of a convenience than anything but I’m sure a lot of people want it to happen.

Pinning Projects

Being able to pin your best project to the top of your profile would be really helpful to show others the projects you are most proud of so that they don’t have to dig through tons of projects to find your best one. Please make this become possible.

Messaging in HS

before you automatically decide that this cannot ever happen, read what I have to say about it.

How would messaging in HS happen while still being safe and kid friendly?

What if when you visit someone’s profile there is a little message icon. And when you tap on that icon, a chat room comes up. The chat room is nothing like any chat room or pm you’ve seen before because it looks a lot like a project. At the top is the name of the chat room (Guest1234 and Guest4321) and when you tap on your text bar, blocks of code come up. Each one is color coded and divided into sections as types just like coding. The first would be “Greetings” and they would be how you’d start a message. Fore example: Hey! Hi! Hello! Then you’d need to drag a block into the next part of that out of another section (which would consist of their username and then blocks about questions like: Could we collab on this [drag and drop draft here] project?) and so on until you have a complete message and you send it. This way no one can say anything that shouldn’t be said, people who can’t be on the forum can be able to communicate about collabs, it would be very clever on the side of HS with how it’s just like coding with blocks, and it wouldn’t require constant moderating. They could also include HS characters as stickers to make it extra fun. I feel like this is something that definitely should be considered by THT.

Custom Art Library

I know that HS has said they are working on a code library to share snippets of code, but what if you could share custom art and characters for seeds?

Custom Library

Imagine a new tab that has posts of people’s custom characters they’ve made for games and custom backgrounds and so on. They would be purchasable by seeds or a new currency. Either only Seed Devs (which would work but also not be the best for those not in the SDP) or only pro members would be able to create these. Or maybe a normal user without pro could do up to 2 characters for free. I would love if this were a thing and it would make getting art for your project and so much easier and quick. It would also be incredibly fun to look through what people have made and give likes and mushrooms for the best work just like a project.
The only problem I can think of with this is that people might be better than others at making things and get seeds out of it. But maybe this would encourage others to learn more and be able to share their progress through this new feature.

I would have mentioned a coding library too but luckily for us the HS team has already said they would be be making one soon.




I have looked for other topic like this one, and although some do exist, most of them are very outdated and probably won’t be used anymore. So I’ve made a brand new Hs Improvement ideas topic mostly about profile customization. I can’t make a wiki post so I’ll have to keep posting updates to it as seperate posts. Anyone else can say their ideas too.


I have read your post.

There is actually a reason why Messaging in Hopscotch is not allowed.

@William04GamerA can give you details as to why.


I can give a reason for why it isn’t allowed on the forum, but if this is a suggestion for the app, then that’s technically two separate things although they are similar. It also sounds to me that @TB23 knows that a problem is that it’s hard to moderate since a possible solution to it is mentioned.


Yes there would be no moderation needed, and people would be able to thank others for mushrooms, likes, and ask to collaborate etc. Also it would drastically change the amount of projects that are being made every minute just for talking to other Hopscotchers. You would have to read my entire section on “Messaging in HS” to know how this is possible.


Like preset chat bubbles?

So like Bubble Chat in animal jam


So like among us quick chat


Close to that. It’s like coding blocks. You would have parts of a sentence and other blocks to fill it in. I will make an example image if it’s still confusing.


I get it now. I think it would be safe and actually would reinforce coding. Good idea :+1:


I think that’s a great idea!


I thought of this one, that’s great you think it’s a good idea :Dㅤ



@Team23 here’s a visual example of the messaging in HS idea I had. It wouldn’t work exactly like this but I think this will help you understand more of how I had thought it would be.


I still don’t believe that’s safe


You don’t type in anything. It’s blocks of words already made for you. You just build the sentence. That way no one can say things that shouldn’t be said. :))




they can disturb ppl with that tool


That’s kind of what the forum’s for


I know but for people that can’t use the forum and also to make it easier to have private chats for collaborations.

What? lol


TB23. Would you like to collab on this project? [Broken link]. Hi! Hi! Thank you! Hi TB23! [Broken link]. TB23. Would you like to collab on this project? Hi! [Broken link]. TB23.

that was an example of spammy message using the blocks on your picture.


Yeah but that could be prevented by a timer if something is repeated and also a flag button that if it is pressed the creepy person cannot message any more until THT has reviewed the flag. Also you can’t paste links. It would be selecting from your projects kind of like selecting an image to move or delete it in the photos app. But I understand what you are saying and even with what I said above THT would probably still think that it isn’t worth it to add this feature. I just mentioned it because I thought it was cool in theory.