Collecting open source Hopscotch code created this year



Hey guys, I’m mashing up open source code into a year recap project. Could you help? Find as much open source code created this year as you can and post it in this topic. DO IT QUICK! I only have until 2019-01-01T04:30:00Z so I can publish it at 12:00 AM on New Year’s day.

What’s the goal?

I’m trying to make a 2018 community rewind project to recap what new open source discoveries were made in 2018. You can help by submitting code that is FTU (Free To Use) in Hopscotch.


  • Get your name in the credits for submitting the code
  • Follow and like on Hopscotch (if the code is your own)
  • Liked post on the forum (duh)


@pomtl (You guys have gotten a whole year of getting tagged for projects, maybe you will have ideas.


I’ll go find some code for this!


You meant like projects, right?




My project search doesn’t work so I’ll just link to some projects by @CreationsOfaNoob

Project links are based on first appearance

Clone communication

Unix timestamp

Shape drawing (CoaN)

Fast, square pixel art

HD draw

Detecting if a project was restarted

Fast cloning

No touching dots


I think that was last year…

Could you link to a topic about that?


THe only ones here that were this year are

And maybe

The rest were before


I especially love this one below. (I added the username of the person who made it because it wasn’t there.)
It shows that Hopscotch has a very accepting community.

Here’s Johnny pixel art ^^^^


Tim The Turkey


@tankt2016, sorry, but those don’t really count. Trail art has been around since the year Hopscotch came out, and pixel art was introduced a few years ago.

The ones that do count towards this topic are new ideas of how code is used to make new code and not what you make with existing code, e.g. art.

Sorry, I hope this makes sense.


Oh, this one is a good one!

Oh whoops lol

Then I have no ideas


Oh it’s ok lol
Hopscotch is super limited.




^^^^probably not a real acronym but whatever


Here, I made it, so it’s Ftu as long as you give credit


@Petrichor and @ThinBuffalo should have some good FTU projects.


I haven’t “invented” something new, really. But I have lots of open-source/FTU projects. Would you still like some links?


Use other clock project @Yusamac205

Also, Minigames 2 by me … uh I guess … here are the only projects that got 3000+ likes this year:
(Traffic Slam by Packerfan Studios)


Our secret blocks projects @Yusamac205

This is an updated version. My original was about the time of COAN’s clock and Petrichor’s date calculator