Collabs Idea In Hopscotch?

Maybe you could make collabs easier in HS? @Rodrigo @Montoya @Meg @Maimouna

Like say, for instance, me and @KVJ would want to collab. (Yeah, I wish...) You could make a whole new tab called "Collaborations", that would allow us to send collab requests to other Hopscotchers. Then, say if I send the collab request to KVJ, he could check the "Activity" tab, and see...

NeoPixel has sent you a collab request!

So, KVJ could click on that, and a window would pop up saying, accept collab request? And the person that accepts the request could decide on a name, which either of them could change later on. And in a project, if another person adds an object while you are on, the color could be different to normal, and it could say, like somewhere on the bottom.

KVJ has added a rectangle; (750 x 1000)


KVJ has added code | Rectangle 4 grows by 100 percent when Rectangle 4 is tapped

So that you would know if your collab partner was on the project or not.

And if you leave the account for about 2 hours, and then come back in, a message would pop up that would say...

Welcome back! You partner, (Your Partner's HS Name), was on for... 45 minutes, and added... (a list of objects and rules).

Anyways, this was just an idea. Do you think it was good?

  • Yeah, it's a good idea!
  • It has some flaws, but still good!
  • It's ok...
  • Not a very good idea...
  • Terrible idea!


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Nice idea!

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I really like this idea!
Maybe we could collab sometime...?

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  1. Wow that's me!!
  2. Lol this is something I recently suggested to Liza. She said it could work :D.
  3. I'd love to collab, except I'm useless with collabs. Just ask @Candycane...
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