Collabs For All



I understand that this is a bit like @Huggingfluffybear 's HS Hotel, although this is just for collabs, not chatting and you stay forever! Also, there is lots of topics of people asking for collabs, so this will also reduce the number of them. Just ask me for the password!

We need:
Regulars- They can make collabs with people and request collabs.
They can also receive badges!

Members- They can save drafts to make a collab after receiving permission from an Owner, Leader or Moderator. They also have Regular abilities.

Moderators - Can delete drafts if they get too many people working on them (rules coming later) and make sure it is a great place to code! They also nominate for badges. They also have Member abilities.

Leaders- Help keep the place great! They help people with any code, they also help keep the account clean. They have Moderator abilities.

Owners- Can kick people out of collabs and the whole account, they can also make announcements about contests! They have Leader abilities as well!

Only 5 people can work on a project, write your name in the corner.
Try not to chat about non-coding, keep the account tidy!
Don't do things that your level can't do.
Don't heart any posts.(This sounds odd but this is so the owners can heart the messages and alerts that people need to see)
Have fun!

I'm looking for:
Loads of Regulars, who become Members over time!
15 Moderators
10 Leaders
5 Owners

You will receive badges for good contributions and making the place great!

It would be great if you could change your Hopscotch name a tiny bit...
Regulars- :slight_smile:Name
Members- :blush:Name
Moderators- :grinning:Name
Leaders- :smile:Name
Owners- :wink:Name
This is optional but it would be great if you could do it!

Form for Moderators, Leaders and Staff:
On a scale of 1-10 how good are you at coding?
How many other Hopscotch accounts do you have?
Are you responsible and respect the rules?
(I will decide your position, if that is ok)


Collab acc's can cause you to lose progress, I wouldn't recommend it :s


I've done them lots and they haven't yet...




Well one time me and another person was on at the same time and we cloned it.

Just a suggestion. :wink:


Kewl! Can I join?

Why do you guys have the same pic? I'm just as confused as you guys


Idk XD



They all copied me XD
and I'm always thinking I got hacked

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)

Yes! Do you want to fill in the form to be a Mod, Leader or Owner?




Actual Trust Levels or collab Trust Levels?:thinking:


Collab Trust Levels.


I don't mind what position I am


Once more people sign up I will give you your position!


Yay thanks @readingpolarbear


Actually, I'll look at your account then give you the passwords!


I made 3 really cool games recently
I can tell you them


What are you called on HS?


Hoped Hoper 63
That's what I'm called


Welcome! You are a Mod! Please put :grinning:Before your name, this is optional though! Make sure people are following the rules and also talk with other Mods on your own account to award badges! Tell them through the forum! I will publish the password soon!