Collabs and draft trading


Hi everyone, I want to start a collab! But, before I do, I have a few questions.

How do you trade drafts?
How would be the best way to share passwords secretly without using a email?

Ok. So who wants to collab? I've never done a collab before, so bear with me!
If you want to collab, tell me. Also tell me how you want to collab, (drafts or account).
People I REALLY want to collab with:


I think you just publish to trade drafts :wink:


Ok, thanks. Would you be interested in a collab?


You copy it on clipboard to the forum! @bluedogmc-official


When I am doing stuff that I don't want to be published on my account, but I want others to be able to view it, I use a trick where you

  1. Publish it

  2. Copy the link

  3. Unpublish the project

Then you can always access the project via that link!


Sorry, working on some BIG drafts right now, plus school is staring up, so, maybe next time! Sorry :cold_sweat::grin::blush:


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So sorry but I'm not in for collabs for now.