Collaboration Request



Does anybody want to make a project with me? I can do most things, but you'll probably have to tell me what a said game is. I would double like someone to make a scrollable website with.


Can I do it with you?


Yes! Login to
(it's an account)


Got it! Thanks for letting me join!


Can I join too?
~Gabe N


For some reason I can't log in maybe someone changed the username?


Sorry I did I changed it back
(I was messing with you:grinning:)


It's okay, anyone would want to do a trick on other people!


So did you see the website


Yes, I loved the loading screen!


Thanks @CutiesCuties can you login to that account so we can chat there so there is not any SPOILERS
And so there's not spam


I invited t1 to help.


Cool that was a good idea


Yes join me and a group of other people to make a cool project called hopscotch town just join my account my username is everyone hopscotch and the password is butter please join everyone read


Hi @KathrynJaneway I'd love to help but I don't have as much time to code at the moment because of school :confused: Good luck with the collab though!


It's fine, I have school too but it would be helpful if someone who knows what they're doing depths scroll code.


I got it but only for a couple minutes cuz I'm waiting for the bus


Ok I'm on the account


gtg bye guys! (This had to be longer)


Ok now look at the conversation on hopscotch forum called to work kids coding