Collaboration Proposal



It's been a very long time hasn't it @Stradyvarious and @Phase_Admin?
I've not logged aimce a very very long time. The first thing I wanted to do when I remembered hopscotch was to contact u both!

Lets chat here, I would loce to speak to you guys again!


It's been 2 years and I me and @Stradyvarious still haven't got any profile pictures xD


stradyvarious used to have profile pictures except they were really odd


Aha so ne removed them all? xD


yup looks like it


i still remember u u probably donmt remember me.

u were one of my senapis with Phase_admin stradyvarious and Rawrbear

Good times..


Sure thing, I as long as at the end we finish a project on Hopscotch.


Yeah I do remember you.
Those times were amazing.


I can't remember my hopscotch password and apparently my email isn't linked to it. I hope I don't lose everything :frowning:


I would like to make a 2 player game maybe.


Thx 4 remembering me!!

I remember you as TTD (Yeah I shortened ur name in my mind :joy:)

I think a multiplayer game would be a great idea. We haven't had a two player game on featured for a while.

And about ur e-mail, try contacting THt they might be able to do sth


Hello! I haven't seen you around here, welcome back!


Thanks man!!
Do we know eachother? I fell like I know you


Alright thank you for the info!


I don't know, what is your HS name?
EDIT: Your bio says that you don't code with HS, so what was your HS name?

EDIT AGAIN: I recognize your name now! Wow! But from where?


So any pf u guys interested on doing a project.
@Stradyvarious @Phase_Admin @William04GamerA @Hermione @Anonymous


i dont have hopscotch lol


Watch the trailer for the movie "12 Feet deep" on Youtube for inspiration.
What do you think of a game based on the trailer?


i donot know ...
i still have hopscotch tho


Okay, what kind of project do you think of?