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Hey guys, something that I have noted is that most of the collaborations aren't really organized, and I hate being un-organized, in the way that people do small things then leave and comme back in and all these types of things.
You have maybe saw the collabration I am in, as I always do a clean resume of what I have done. You can understand everything that is happenning.

I will be working on some cool games but I will need some help.
You probably guesses it, some help that is organized.

Something you should know/realize is that Hopscotch is made to learn how to code and maybe go in a big company...
But coding is not the only things you need to practice, there is also working as a group and know how to communicate, that means being organized.
So being a part of this collaboration may comme in handy for that part of knowledge.

How is it going to work?

Here is the plannification of what will be happenning
They are all divised in stages (7 total stages)

How to present a task

Just one last thing before this is all finished.
When finishing a task or a part of a task, here is how you have to present it on the collaboration.
You can copy paste it and fill in everything.




What's new


Fixes (Optionnal)

What I will be working on next (Optionnal)


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For the purpose of too many text may confusion some people

Here are the games we will be working on:
-Hopping scotch/Flappy scotch -Defend the fort -Random destiny -A racing game

If you want to take part of one of these games or want to give your own idea just reply to this topic.

Collab Monopoly Thief Game(members only)

Hi Tromax,
Other than you and myself, I don't know if others here would be as disciplined
to work together with a set of rules like you have proposed.

As for the games you are proposing to make, I'm not really interested anymore in flappy bird clones, or racing/shooting/jumping.
Like the the Twister game I'm working on and to a lesser extent the Beyblade game, I'm showing more interest in games that are more social and can be watched/played in a group and games that aren't limited to the IPad screen.

If you want to work together at some point on games like this I'd be happy to assist.


Sure why not, I have made a magic trick project on a fingerprint scanner so that anyone can showoff their ipad/iphone scanning their fingerprint on-screen.
Would be nice to to some social games, we could even do monopoly!
Moving from one place to another depending on your dice, a money sytem, house system, random carts system...
It would actually be an interesting project, alot of hard work would also be put into it.

And I don't really know if we are the only ones who like to work with these conditions, still waiting to see if there are any replies.


I'd like to help. Maybe we could do a Game of Life of Monopoly type game (party mode or single player)


Of course, you could join us altought, single player would be really hard to make.


That's true... You would have to make a complicated thing.

It would be really cool though.


I'd like a social type game where a group of ppl contribute and then see the outcome.
A simple game I played in year 6 was a collab drawing, where someone drew the head and the page was folded so the head can't be seen. The next person drew the chest/arms, then folded. The next person drew the waist/legs.

Then the page was unfolded to see the character drawn by all involved.
I'm not saying we do this, but it can give ideas for a party/social game where each member of a group can contribute.


That would be an awesome gamme, it would also be simple to make.


I would make both projects.


Monopoly thief game is closed


I'm responding here. Have you played Agar.io @TromaxTheDestroyer ?
Its a free game for the ipad and pc. It's extremely popular .

At a later date sometime do you think we could code this game.
Pc link http://agar.io


Haha, look at the picture of the video, the name of one of the users. xD
Yeah sure, altought I don't really know how we could do it on hopscotch.
The only way would be singleplayer and for that we will need intelligent bots.


I've coded a game earlier with a cat chasing a mouse that follows where you touch onscreen.
Balls can be coded to randomly select other balls to bump into if their value is at least half of theirs.
And coded to increase the chances of chasing the player and not the other balls.

I better get rid of the video. i didn't notice that word until you pointed it out


Haha, yeah well, I would like to do agario with you later on.


I'd like to help
(20 characters)


I would like to help with one of them your choice


Alright @Lavendercupcake & @CamMakesGames we will notofy you when we will start the project. Should take some time as we already have one going, and I have another one


That's fine as I'm busy this next week and a couple of days


I know it, but I have only played mitosis on ios and on pc.
Same thing


Note: Something interresting in our agario gamme would me achievements and stats.