Collaboration! (not taking any more people)



Hey guys! I'm starting a collaboration. Because I'm in many others, so this will probably be the last I'm doing until another is done. I'm planning on maybe creating a game like the Henry Stickmin games (not as many animations, but the same concept), but you can suggest other projects to make. I am allowing 5 other people in this collaboration. I will be making a collab account in a few minutes.

I'm picking positions after all the spots are filled.


You must have at least five of these, unless I make an exception for you:
-at least one project in Featured
-can make movies with 3+ scenes
-can make basic physics (ex: gravity)
-have been on Hopscotch for three or more months
-can make background music for games
-has a project with more than 400 likes
-can make Megamoji (from Hopscotch video)
-can make Angry Birds
-has a Scratch account

Terms of Use (extra info to know)

I choose who I want to be in this collab. Please don't be upset if I don't choose you. I may make an exception if you can't meet the requirements. Also know I can remove you from the collab by changing the password and telling other members. If I trust someone who applies, I might make them a moderator (can remove members if they are goofing off/being inappropriate/any other reason.


*Hopscotch Username:
*Best project you made on Hopscotch (in your opinion):
*How often can you contribute?:
Scratch Username (if you have it):
What of the above requirements can you do?:

(* means required)


Thanks, guys. Sorry I'm so picky..



you can't be serious!


I might do other collabs during this, but I need to make sure I still have time for other projects :wink:


I've never had a project on featured! No fair!


As I said, you don't have to have all of them! Just 5 :wink:


*Hopscotch Username: Friendship Studios
Age/Grade: 9, 4th
*Best project you made on Hopscotch (in your opinion): Hopscotch Draws! drawing pad
*How often can you contribute?: About two days a week
Scratch Username (if you have it) friendship2468

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. If it means tilting the iPad, then yes!
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Sometimes
  7. No
  8. Yes


erm, Im happy to join.
Hiimnew is my old account, I've gotten to featured 4 times, highest likes is 560+. I basically make background music :smiley: hence "MusicGenerator" as my username. Im not that strong on movies, but I could try, because i never tried them.

I still have 2.11, but my ipad is being updated soon. I do have a scratch account, I can make gravity (Gravity Adventure was one of my featured projects) idk about angry birds


My username is MusicGenerator, but my old (accomplished) is Hiimnew (dino avatar)
I dont want to share my personal info, but i can tell you i am in middle school
I guess Minecraft?
At least once a week


I'd be happy to accept you two, but I don't believe you've read everything... (PS I used a method I saw on Scratch to know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I would be glad to join, but I'm too busy. @CreativeCoder, you are tricky person!


@Kiwicute2015 Thanks anyway. And thanks.. (mischievous smile)


Sigh I know I know I will never be able to code with cool coders. I know that I am sorry for wasting your comment here.


Glitter Kitty Studios
12/7th grade
Grid w/Movable Bear, Impossible Quiz, or MASH (most popular projects)
At least every other day
Have had at least one project in Featured (Grid), Can make movies, Has been on Hopscotch since November 2014, Can make background music, The grid project has about 400 likes, Can make Angry Birds


@Glitter_Kitty Accepted! (well done xD). I'm making the account now, so wait about five minutes for me to get set up.


Ok thx



there lol 202020202020200


You should start a collab project. I'm more than happy to work with you.
I've been on featured and helped with projects that have been on featured.


Hopscotch username: GiraffeProductions
Age/Grade: 13, 8th grade
Best project in my opinion: shark attack
How often: All the time except sometimes when I'm in school
Scratch username: GiraffeProductions
Which requirements: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9


Hopscotch Username: Kathryn Janeway
Age/Grade: 5/9
Best project: the StarPad
Scratch Username: KathrynJaneway
How often I could be on: about every other day.
I did have a project in featured a while ago.
I haven't done the movie thing, but I could.
I have a Scratch account, but I can't get on there because my computer won't turn on.
Can make background music.
Can easily make Megamoji.
Been on for longer than three months.


Now that I know I what Gravity is and I do make background music sometimes in my Harmony Girls series so I know what to do.