Collaboration Chat



Slowly emerging from the treacherous depths of the under world, one limb lost,
My penguin shirt tattered, I'm here, after my long journey!


Okay so about the drawing pad what features do you want? Eraser black screen universe trace?


Hello everyone is everyone on? We need shifts so it runs smoothly


It's going to be a great pad! I'll definitely give you all heaps of credit. Anyone on? @SmileyAlyssa have any ideas?


Sorry for the tagging
We have to talk!


@RubyWolf1 So um, do you want to assign or roles now? I really don't mind what role I get


I don't do schedules purely because I have a ton of music and school on... I'll come in here and there!


Oh I don't know what to do


@CrystalPanda are you there?


me issa here?
(to be at your service, ma'am)


Lol!!!!!!!!!!!.............. I'm bored


But I don't know you IRL
(punny SF cracks up a again!)


Work on the collaboration!? :beginner:?


Why you go on collab topic?


I need to talk to @YuxinaYammy, @TappymLP, @CrystalPanda and you bout it before we do the coding


It's a bit dark but if you want.....


I lived my life as a penguin, as hapy as can me, but something dreadful happened, bullies, lots of them, all teaming up on me:
50 on 1
I did all I could, bit it was no use. I have nothing your all I have now, if only! if only!


So, yea. Any questions for little young me.


Whoops I forgot you're helping so sorry :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Sorry for tagging


It's fine! (I GET Tagged a lot..)