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So, @RubyWolf1, are we making a drawing pad? Or is there a game you want to make? But if you want to make a game, think of a simple one, because I have school and other collabs and my game to make still. I find drawing pads a little easier to make, but if you want to make a game, make it an easy one that won't take too long.


We can make an awesome drawing pad! And I'll make a cool game after I know you're busy


Can I please join?


Sure is that ok @YuxinaYammy?


@RubyWolf1 I'm fine with @Stampys_fans joining. It's up to you really.


Hello, I can't do HSB's 🙁, I can do values and sin/cos 🤓
(for the drawing pad)


@Stampys_fans Ok! I guess that works. I'll just wait for @RubyWolf1's approval.


@RubyWolf1 If @Stampys_fans joins, they can do the values, I can do the colours/HSBs and maybe you can do the format and texts? You don't have to agree to this, you're the owner of the project!


I'm fine, I can also do mirror draw (I did it WITHOUT looking @other projects, and it took half a day!, from scratch!)


That would be awesome! I'll work everything out


Probably I dunno I might start it tomorrow


@RubyWolf1 Ok. You create the project whenever you want. I'll join after I finish school or something like that.


Can I Help? Plz I Have The Shapes!
Evidence: ■▲●


@CrystalPanda you are PalmtreePanda right? Talk bout collab here


@YuxinaYammy? Are you there? @CrystalPanda?


We need shifts @CrystalPanda and @YuxinaYammy so then it's more organised please don't do anything until I tell you to ok (sorry if I sound mean)


No more joining sorry it was supposed to be for @Stampys_fans, @YuxinaYammy and me I'm so sorry you might be able to join if
- you're a friend of mine
- you made a cool pad before
- I don't know


People doing it
@TappymLP (adds stuff)


Is anyone there? YY? CP?


I have been summoned!