Collaboration a new Tab [idea]



Hey guys, let me start of by explaining why I chose to do this:

-The forum is getting flooded with collaborations or teams.
-Not only new topics get created but when they chat, it goes on the top latest tab again, you can no longer notice people who ask for help or tricks....

But there is always a solution

I think the solution is to create a new tab named collaboration as seen in picture. So all collaborations do not go in the [Latest] tab.

And in the collaboration tab, everything should look like this:
It's like the latest tab but for collaborations

And because you guys always find out every little mistake, I came prepared hehe :sunglasses:
Instead of making the hopscotch team move every topic, why can't people do it? When creating a topic you can have help and collaboration.

Apps used: skitch / PS Touch / Explain Everything
Please give a little like if you agree.

I've made my best for this to look good so you can visualize with no effort, feedback is always apreciated.
If you find any mistakes feedback is also appreciated.

Please do not repeat exactly what other people said, and this is just an idea it can be modified, the name collaboration can be changed to Teaming with hopscotchers and etc...


Cool idea @TromaxTheDestroyer! Full support!


Thanks alot I really apreciate it!


No problem! :grinning:


Or a collaboration category could be made! @TromaxTheDestroyer


I completely support this too! And I really like how you edited the screenshots so we could visualise it. In the meantime, I guess we could use "collab" or "collaboration" as a tag, but a separate collaboration category would be useful.


That is a great idea! I think that'd be very useful!


We'd still need another section for Help then, because it would still stay in Latest, as latest is just the most recent posts.


Good thinking but I think that unless you don't consider the collaborations as topic (I consider it as a chat). But actually it could be considered as a topic but a tooic hidden from the latest bar.
Latest could be latest posts flagged as [Help] and not [Collaboration].
I didn't say that the New tab should or shouldn't be changed, if collaborations are made they can be in new.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch and @teddyweddy23 for the support and @CreativeCoder and @KathrynJaneway for the feedback. You all get a free :gift: and by all I also mean @SuperStudios , click on it and see what it does


Can I suggest a trending topics tab for topics that we can read that are helpful
Or a tab for each category you put something in (just to be organized)


Well yeah, good idea. But hiding collaborations stays primordial.
So let's just hope they at least do that then


This would be a great idea @TromaxTheDestroyer! So we could have it not spaming everyone on our collaboration!