Collaberation with TromaxTheDestroyer, Wow_women,and Stradyvarious


Hahahaha, i found out.


What is it? :confused: Confused


Dont put them right after eachother


I will post the fixed one.
I changed the sound bug but also the dirt.


I found some cool characters.

☀ ⚚

This is a text: ▬▬ι═══════ﺀ
Maybe we can use it as our first sword, and depending on it's level, we change the color.

(i made them headings to make them bigger)
Btw thanks for all of your likes


Another sword text.
I modified it to this:


Are you here?


Ya, just got home from something, those are some great ideas for the sword, where did you get them?

And another website


Are you ocntinuing the project?
If not I'll continue


I will hand off the project to you now, branch it when you see it.


Branching means saving as draft right?


Yea, press the ... Then press the save as draft button.


What's the this?
The object:
Text at the right of the screen, if you run the game, there are bugs at his pos


That was supposed to fix something, but it didn't work.


Have to eat lunch,BRB


Ok, i fixed the bug


Oh, ok, good! Sddddddddd


I published it, I will come back in 10-20 min


So, how is the project doing?