Collaberation with TromaxTheDestroyer, Wow_women,and Stradyvarious


@TromaxTheDestroyer do you want to make a game sorta like Tap Titans? Just wondering!

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Of course, I would love that.
It's really a great idea because I've always wanted to make a cookie clicker game but tap totans is even better.


Oops :grin:
So how do you want to work?
1-Do you want to make turn by turn and we say what we added.
2-We make a conversation about what we will put in the game. We put them all in an order then we start taking turns. And talk about the project in the same time.
Btw I'm on vacations so it's midnight. In 4 days I go back to my home.
The time at my home is 2 am. So I am very far from America


Ok, we should talk about how we are going to make the enemies and the generator for the money for the store. Plus, we can talk about the code. Do you want me to start off at first? And that is the central time zone, right?


I will reinstall the game first.
And yes if you could start of it would be great.




It takes ages to upload pictures, I have the pictures prepared but I will upload them later. So for now I will put the text.

Trophies Picture: I showed a trophies picture. It can be made, maybe we could also do the little progress bar. With calculations.

Later, I will show a picture of the option menu, every option has a little icon next to it.

:white_check_mark:means we can add that option ot the game .
:no_entry:️means it is not possible to make it in hopscotch.
:question:means I don't know.

Now I will talk about all the features with :white_check_mark:.

Sounds: It is possible but we will change Low/Medium/High to On/Off
How it will work: There will be a value sound, On = 10 / Off = 0.
When the game starts, we will put the sound value to 10. So by default it's on.
Before each "Start sound" command we will put:
"Check if Sound equal 10"

To be continued


Here are the pictures, this is the picture of the code I was describing before.

This is the option picture

Thank you so much @t1_hopscotch for showing me the app skitch, it is amazing.


Continuing what i started before


It can be a long scrollable text


Can be changed:

High: All objects are shown
Medium: Some objects are invisible. Objects that are just for decoration and aren't needed


What do you think?


I already started on the project, if you saw a project named my drawings aren't working or something like that, it was my start of the background, and I love your Ideas.


The Link to the project, The Background problem project


Great, but you want to make it half sky half dirt?
Or what did you try to do?


I made another project that has it half sky and half dirt. I made the character to it looks like this:


Ok, il check it out on your profile.


Could you publish it when you're finished?


I am working on the sound part, but it is glitching to turn the sound back on, you should know my Hopscotch account name, it is Phase Studios.


I know, and i've also followed you


Ok, what do you think the problem is with the sound?