COLLABERATION W/ HITO! (Who wants to start a collab?!)



I was wondering if Any one wanted to do a collab!
The last one failed, XD, but hopefully this one wont;)
Just put your user down if you want to.
Also state if you want it to be a single (just me and you) or group (everyone)
I will give you The Password:3


Can I join?


I will join for sure


Hey @UnderagedCoder1 and @thebestest group or just you and me?


We already have a collab account. (It didn't fail because it has a featured.) Want to join?


How about a group


Whats The Password?
(I will probaly still start a group collab, if Its Okay w/ u)


Can I join


Yep.... I will tell you The Password shortly (I mightvhave to go, so if I dont get to you, I will later:3)


Search unidonut collab on the search bar @Hitokage and @thebestest


Password- Forum
:3 :3:3:3:3


What is the username for the account


Oh Sorry, for Now Its ThatCollab, but i Am going to find a better username:3


You know that everyone that knows how to do that can see it, right?


Yeah, Its Okay:3
I dont really know How to hide it Tho.


Well, after s/he tells you, and you get the password, s/he deletes her post.


Kayro but u already know dat
Any or u and mwah


20 days later XD Kayro


U know it!
So u r on.


Hi, Its 11:41 where you live