Collaberation requests @TromaxtheDestroyer @Wow_woman


@TromaxTheDestroyer @Phase_Studios Please continue our discussions on this new Heading as there are alot of posts on the last and we'll discuss a new game idea. Also any others reading these posts, feel free to offer asistance but we don't always need it.


I'd like to steer away from tapping games as there are alot made now but not as complex as Tap Titans 0.6 Have you played Metal slug defence or Mushroom Wars? They are free to play on the ipad. Please reply after watching/playing these games and we can discuss a new project inspired by these games. @TromaxTheDestroyer @Phase_Studios and replying to Tromax i think all items should appear all the time so they can quickly be used like i did with the clock. What if the coins went up by 1 each time the ipad is tapped. Also have the timer running from the start and the timer only goes up when time is purchased. This would be more stressfull/fun so the player can't relax or stop looking at the screen. Maybe have 20 coins cost for 60 secs when clock tapped. And idea for bosses have them slowly regain health when not tapped so it's difficult to beat-similar to when you tapp to get the rage meter higher.


I haven't tried these games, I plan on continuing Tap Titans for a little while.
After that I will take a little break from hopscotch.
But that doesn't mean you can ask me for help or ideas, it's just that for a certain time, I will not be able to get myself to make a whole new game.
I will still watch your topic and from time to time, I will help.


Hi, to the person who flagged my first post here. the precise reason I asked for polls not to be made is some ppl I 've noticed don't contribute to a conversation in any meaningful way and just make polls. I don't have a problem having a friendly conversation with any members here but I do have a problem if all a member does is just make polls. I said other members can feel free to offer assistance with game projects. So please be considerate and reply if you have a problem before flagging a post.


I agree with stradyvarious.
If there is anything we did wrong, the person should at least precise why, unless this is that person has no reasons.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch i have a feeling you helped unflag my post.


It was not me but glad you appreciate the moderators' help. Sometimes people might mistake things and flag them though they're okay, so we unflag them if that happens, but it's okay :smiley:

#9 Here's a link(requires flash) to pc code i'm doing for a tap titans game. I hope later to use this code for hopscotch. You can also help by making an account and remixing.


@TromaxTheDestroyer We can work together on Tynker projects and then code them to Hopscotch. I have a Tynker account which i can ask @Liza to privately message you the username/password. Projects created on the ipad can be uploaded and played on a pc and vice versa.@Liza will have full access to this account as well so she can monitor the account anytime. Let me know if you're interested.

This is a cool background I used on the pc that was uploaded to the iPad version.


It would be great but as I said for now I will slow down after tap titans.

Maybe we can just talk about code and in the meantime, I add them to the game then you can test it out when you get your ipad.


I'll let you rest and wont ask for collaboration projects. Sadly, i don't know any other members here who can code as well as you and me from a game design perspective. Oh well. That just leaves me to do all the work on my projects. @t1_hopscotch are you interested in working with me as i see you're busy with moderating alot and mightn't have much free time?


Thanks very much @Stradyvarious for the offer but I'm currently working on other things at the moment too, sorry :( Good luck with your projects though! :smile:


@TromaxTheDestroyer Please help me out I need you take an intro screen for this game and a description and have the game start when start is tapped. The rage meter causes 100 damage when full. There are 20 monsters. You can give full credit to you fro making the title/intro screen. This would be a really big favor. @Phase_Studios @Gabe_N @t1_hopscotch could you please help testing it out and tell me any glitches you find? New link to v.099 fixed flame sword problem and added fire animation to monster when killed and Gold spike animation when rage activated. rage and gold are now slightly harder to go up. @t1_hopscotch


Ok @Stradyvarious, I can test it out, is it almost the final version or no?


OK @Stradyvarious BLAH


I have not been doing the coding right now, so I don't know, sorry.


It's ok if you can't. I fixed an error in code to do with the poison and some other minor things.


Yeah I'll help for the beta!


@t1_hopscotch, how did you become a moderator?


Sure I'll have a look at the project when I can, @Stradyvarious, and I'll tell you if I find any glitches :smiley:

And @Phase_Studios Liza made me a moderator :smile: