Collab With SmilingSnowflakes!



I would like to Collab even though it seems I am already COLLABING with you for pray for Belgium !?


MeMememe emememememememememeemeemememeememememememem please me


Unless you really want to do this, (I would be happy to add you in) I think I might try a new partner for this one.


Ok this collab is now closed to any more new offers! I am going to stick with the ones I have!


Acitially I want to be your coding partner more than pray for Belgium partner so yeah...


Ok! Yeah, I'll add you!


Hard decisions to make... 0.o


Be back later to choose!


Hmm...Before I choose anyone, I have a question for my my candidates...
If you were chosen, what would you want to make?

Also, does anyone else want to join? I'd love to do a collab with @SmilingSnowflakes, but I have a feeling she is really busy with stuff!


We could do a collab! :D

Can we trade drafts, or would a collab account be more convenient for you? :D


Either is fine for me! What's best for you?


I think trading drafts you be best for me, I don't know why, but I code slower on collab accounts. XD

Do you want to publish the finished project (and start the draft)?


Honestly, yes, because no one really knows me, so it would be nice to get noticed... But if you want to publish it, I am 100% fine with that!


Okay! :D

You can publish it. :D

What are we making? :D


Hmm...I am not sure! What would you like to make?

(I hope you are okay with my coding skills. I think you are an amazing coder!)


Here's a like :heart:!
Thank you!
You're an awesome coder. :D

Do you want to make a game?


Sure! That is what Hopscotch seems to like.


Here's a like :heart:!
For your future posts as well. :D

Do you have any ideas for the game's theme? :D


Hmm..well...I think your major strength is in text art, so maybe we should have text art in our game. Just a thought. Do have any ideas?


We could do something about ice cream! :D
Cute ice cream!

I need to go for 5-20 minutes, I'll think about it a little while I'm offline. :D