Collab With SmilingSnowflakes!



Hi everyone!
I have decided to open myself up for a collab. I'm not the best coder. (If you want to look at my projects, I'm RedRaspberry2016 on Hopscotch)
My strong suits:
I understand values very well.

Not very good with sine and cosine (I know how to use them; just not very good)

I am looking to make an awesome game with someone! This person needs to understand values and other HS coding necessities. I'm pretty loose with this; I don't really care who.

I'm pulling out the tag list!

Here it is!


How should I choose between two people offering?

  • Make a contest to figure out people's skills!
  • Just look at accounts
  • Other (If you choose this, please explain what you think I should do)


Current potential collaborators:
If you'd like to join, edit here with your tag or respond in comments!


I could do a collab with you! (I wasn't on the tag list)


Hmmmm I should probably make a way to choose someone in case i get a few offers...You guys are all awesome I don't know who to choose! Poll time!


I could collab with you if you want. I'm working on my sin and cos skills but I'm getting the hang of it. :smiley:


Uh oh...I got two offers...hmmm


Dun dun Dunnnn! Maybe you'll get more offers. I don't know.


Can I join? It's kk if I don't get picked...


@codingCupcake123 I'll join
I'm ok if I can't though


See their weaknesses and strength. If their weakness is yours, then don't choose them!


Your projects are amazing!


Anyone else? I'm going to close it soon, and get ready for whatever poll option wins...


Hmm...Who chose other? What is your opinion?


What do you mean?! You're an awesome coder! I even follow you! If you stayed consistent with project publishing, you could become famous!! :smiley:


Oh my goodness..You really think so? I got so excited when you followed me! Thank you so much! You just made my day! :slight_smile:


You honestly earn the rank of a famous person! :D


Meeeeeeeeeee :smiley: :smiley: I would like toooooo~ :smiley:


That's true! @codingCupcake123 you are amazing, you are awesome, you can do anything! You should be famous!


Thank you so much! You are so nice! You guys are making me so happy :slight_smile:


Please pick meeeeeee~
I work on strategy games and puzzle games~


Ok, I am going to start looking at people's account now! All potential collaborators have until tomorrow morning to apply, but I will start looking at the current joiners now!