Collab with SapphireWolf Ruby wolf and smileyalyssa


heres the new topic for now


Ok thanks please no flagging



If you are going to flag

Why are you flagging this? It's just a simple collab! If you feel jealous or something, just ask to join! And tell me why you flagged. I want to know if I was inappropriate or offensive so that it won't happen again! If you tell me, you are actually kind of helping me! Thanks!


See? You've got a new topic! It's all okay! :smiley:


But I've never been flagged before!!! What if I cannot become a regular?? Sorry I know I sound dramatic I'm just having s rough day


What if I don't become a regular?!


It was only one flag, and you need 6 to not get Regular! Don't worry, @BuildASnowman will clear them for ya! :wink:


Oh ok thanks!!! Maybe all three of us could make a drawing pad for SW together! Since the other one is lost! Lol not really a game


you guys can pick okay i rlly gotta go to bed now :stuck_out_tongue: nighty nighttt :zzz: :zzz:


Yeah! :smile:

Did you see my IlluminatiPad? I found out the ultimate technique of HSB color pallete shading!


Good night! Have fun catching zs! :grin:


Good night go catch some z's and tell me how many you caught tomorrow (lol!)


But the flags will not be approved by a mod, the posts have nothing bad :wink:.


@RubyWolf1 i caught 8,967 :zzz:


Ok thanks for telling me :laughing:


Hiiii. So any progress or thought?


did we pick what we were going to do?


Oh right. Thanks for liking so many of my projects!