Collab with @PopTart0219


You know how ppl were acting crazy for a short time with the "Charlie-Charlie"
game of balancing a pencil on another and ppl thought Charlie answered questions (yes or no) if the pencil turned?

My project involves quickly drawing on the screen with clones,except each clone will be a random letter of the alphabet.
The idea/game is you look for words or messages created from the random letters that will appear on screen.
This would be fun to use with friends at a party or sleepover.
I've made the code for the letter"A"
I would like someone to help with making the code for the rest of the alphabet.
A random value(Alpha) is set between 1 to 27 continually.
1= A
2= B

You can credit yourself and me if you make and publish the project.


Sure, this would be cool! I would love to help!


Thanks @PopTart0219 for offering to help.
I'll now just collab with you on this project.
Can you post a link in a new topic to show your work when you are ready?
I might make this game on Tynker as well.


I just had another idea.
You know the dice game "Boggle"
i think there's 25 dice with different letters on the dice.
You press a plastic cover and it shakes the dice and players have to make words from the letters and score points for each word.
I'll tweak this so a row of 7x7 letters are randomly made in a grid and players can tap a counter for each word they can make out of the letters in their formation.
This would be a great game for Hopscotch.
I'll make this on Tynker. You can think about making this on Hopscotch.


Boggle would be awesome on hopscotch, I never thought about that! Let's hope people still know what it is :smiley: