Collab with me?


Who would like to collab with me? I'm only picking 5 people!


Welcome to the forum!!

I cant join the collab sorry but...


If you want big text click enter then put a #


Welcome to the forum! I cannot do a collab at this moment because I am already doing something else. But, you'll love the forum!!!


I can do a collaboration with you. What do you want to make?


Thanks that would be great! I don't really have a plan on what to do yet... I was hoping that when we got all of the people in the collab, we could all come up with something together. Also, I was hoping to learn from this collab. I don't really know how to mak that much stuff... Mostly just crossy roads.


If you need my help with mechanics, graphics, code, etc. Just @ me :wink:.


Thanks so much... I'll make sure to get in touch with u!


Welcome to the Forum! I like your profile picture :relaxed:


Thanks! It's my cat bananas.


Hi! Welcome to the HS forum! I can't collab at the moment because I'm already doing 2 Collabs:(


Welcome to the forum! I would love to join!


Cool! @Brook13 your awesome!


Ok you are the second person... Now I just need three more and we can get started!


What game are you making?