Collab with me on my game, Yum Run!



Hi! I'm new on the forum! Okay. Now that that's over with, I'm making a game called Yum Run and, as you can see by the title, I'd like to collaborate with someone. The game is obviously unfinished, and in its earliest stages. I haven't ahem actually started the game part yet, but that's because it'll probably take longer that any of the other parts. So here's the link to the latest version and if you tap "Info" you'll get all the information about the game in a condensed format. So, until next time! Byeee!

EDIT: Thanks for all of the support! I didn't expect to get someone to agree to the collab so quick!


Welcome to the forum! I am currently in a collab right now, but good luck! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum! I am doing a collab with someone right now, but I hope you can find someone! You will love it here, the community is awesome! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you so much! Good luck with your collab too!


I'd like to join , may I?s


Thanks you! •ω• Of course you can join! Sorry it took so long to reply, searching all over my Japanese keyboard to make that kaomoji!


Can I Join And Welcome!


Hmm.. I don't know... Lightningstrike already joined, but maybe I could put you in.... It would just be kind of hard because you two might be working on it at the same time and I'll have two different projects.... I'll see. But thank you for offering! ☆3☆


@Lightningstrike When do you think you will be available to discuss and work on the game?


Hello! Welcome to this epic forum! You can type @AHappyCoder if you want me to help you code!


Um, weekends, but not this weekend, I'm super busy. I'm usually avalible around 4:00pm EST


Okay! Thanks again! :blush: