COLLAB WITH ME, huge project



I make very in depth, and Ellaborate projects. That feature a title menue, loading screens, game over screens, upgrade systems, fun gameplay that also has a challenge. I'm currently trying to find a way to make "saving progress" a possibility. Anyway. I want someone or a few people to help with a HUGE project. I wanna aim for top featured and could do it with some help. Add me on hopscotch my username is meosewa and check out my kill the baby project and my newest project in production "home defender"


Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, you can ask anyone or go to the Community Guidelines! You could also tag people if you want them to notice the collab request! E.g. @meosewa


Hey, welcome to the forum.
I'd love to help! What kind of game would this be?
I'm not an incredible coder, but I've been featured, so some people must like what I do XD.


It can be anything. But I'd like a game with rpg elements. Level ups, upgrades, etc. send me a follow in the app and I'll follow you so we can COLLAB.


Hm. I'm doing a collab with a few Hopscotchers about Undertale, which has many of those elements.

Oh, nevermind. It is closed. I'll follow you!


Sounds like a good idea! If it's okay can I help?


Yes I need a few helpers. It's my first COLLAB so let's talk and come up with how we will do it. Maybe we each get a time each day to work on it cause idk how two people can work at it at the same exact time? Let me know what you guys think.


Whoever is interested, go to my hopscotch profile and remix my COLLAB project, and sign your name. That way I know. I will also follow you and you follow me back so we can link up :slightly_smiling:


YES! Someone in my field of coding!