Collab With Gilbert189?


I am currently very bored. So... I have decided to choose a partner to work with! I can't decide... Should I do a challenge to determine the winner, or something else?

  • Challenge!
  • Something Else! (Comment Below)


I don't want to automatically make someone ineligible (You know, "You MUST have been featured"), so anyone is eligible!


Hello... It's me Lol


Hey! Would you be interested?


Yeah I am also joining the group of millions of people who have made Adele jokes


Cool! What do you think I should do to only choose one person?


Ya You! I'll join! (Puts in a Henry danger voice)nSounds fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun


I'll join


Great! More people!!!!


I have decided to do a series of challenges where one person will be eliminated each round.

Must Not Drop Out.

If you join, then you have to promise that you won't drop out. If you do have to, tell me the reason, and I might give an extension or something.

Current Members:



Me! I want to join!!!


Cool! Once we get 8 members, I'll start the competition!:smile:


The title says collab?


It is! It's a competition to decide my partner!:smile:




Can I join??


Yeah! I will add you to the list.


3 Spots Left!!!!!!


That's okay!


Hello Gilbert I am a rely new appdeveloper and need ideas. So i just wanted to ask you if I can use your ide to a new app that mabe can get upp on AppStore (I promis nothing). I just wanted to ask you so you do not get made if you found your idé on the AppStore. Oh, I almost forgot it is a version on your square tapper i want to make and if you want you can help me do it even better. Just replie your answer to this and i will realy thank you.

PS. I also want to be in your challenge:grin:



Would you mind showing me your credentials to develop apps?