Collab with @friendship2468



Hi, this is where we can talk about our collab. (To anyone who is not @friendship2468, please notice that I'm only doing the collab with her, no one else, okay?)


Lol and please no prank comments. If too many people make prank comments they may even get flagged. But still XD


She said no prank comments dude. But that was pretty funny


Okay, I used a phone template and put down some start typing and text boxes. I sent it to you right here


I added a keyboard layout, soon I'll add letters :slightly_smiling:


Btw you can publish it when we are done since you never got on trending/featured/rising/game changers


Thanks.:blush::blush: Anyways, I added some letters in the squares, here is the link


Should I put the stuff into my drafts? @Ihasfluffycupcakes


What happened to @seawolfwerehorse, @Ihasfluffycupcakes?


I added the credits, and made it so it's impossible to rename it, and sure, you can put it in drafts just in case :wink:


I think she deleted the comment


Brb I need to charge my iPad


Bye! I need to go soon too because my dad is buying me a panini for lunch. I'll try and figure out what else we can do with the cell phone collab.


Lol I don't know what a panini is, but it's not my business. And maybe you can add the typing thing because I don't know how to do that.


???? what do you mean???


no thanks, @friendship2468 knows how to do it.


And btw when are you gonna be back?


Okay. But I can't do backspace. I made a keyboard before, so I'll check the code to refresh. Also what did you mean by @friendship2468 knows how to do it?


I don't think we should do typing in the phone. It would not fit. I really don't want to make a keyboard. Idkw, I just don't.


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