Collab with @DragonLover975 and @friendship2468



I don't know! 20 characters ugh


@friendship2468 ok. Well, every once in a while I have to go to Girl Scouts, I will tell you when is the next time I do Girl Scouts. For you, I will be done Girl Scouts at 4:00, and for @DragonLover975, I will be done with Girl Scouts at 3:00. For me, I am done at 5:00. You should find me saying when it is by the time you get on because of time zones. I am informing you about this so you know I won't be very active on certain days. If you do know when you will not be on, please let me know. It will make all our lives easier if we know when you will be done. :wink:


Ok please wait I am in the middle of homework


I will be gone on Wenesdays from 3 to 6 my time. I also have homework, and I do GS too sometimes on Thursday


@DragonLover975 ok. On October 28, I will only be able to communicate super early in the morning, and hopefully any time after 3:00 for @DragonLover975, and 4:00 for @friendship2468. Also, today I believe I will be going to a play my sister is in, I will tell you that I am leaving when I am leaving.


Ok I am leaving very soon now bye


I'm really sorry to have to say that I would like to drop out of this collab. I have too much else to do right now, and we haven't really started yet. I have to redo my entire contest entry with @Giraffedolphin26 and keep up with school. Maybe we can do another collab later though? Thanks.


Ok. @DragonLover975. Maybe a bit into November we can make a Christmas collab.


That would be good, as we would probably have more time then.


@DragonLover975 ok then.