Collab with @DragonLover975 and @friendship2468



We can talk about the collab here. @friendship2468, are you good at music code? @DragonLover975 can start the project by making some simple code then we can plan out the harder code


what character do you want to be walking down the street trick-or-treating?


I was thinking you could get a Halloween charecter by branching a project
Do you want to enter this project in the competion if we finish it in time?


Definitely, that would be fun!


@friendship2468, what do you think?


I did the moving background code and published the project, although I'm not sure if it's what you had in mind. Sorry, I don't know how to make a link, but you can tell me if I need to change anything.

How to make a link

Moving Background Start


I don't know anything about the project


Not that goo,d but I above some screenshots of music I was using for a movie..


I want to use bird, DL975. Or the scary octopus


The scary octupus would work. I just used Chillanna for the basic coding.


@Hoppertoscotch had the idea for the project. Their idea was where a character was going trick-or-treating, and when they knocked on the door of a house the human player would play a minute long mini game.


@DragonLover975 to make it more clear, @friendship2468, you are trick or treating, sometimes you will go by a house and yell "TRICK OR TREAT!!" And someone will come out of the house. A value called "minigame" will be flashed to 1, then to 0. When the value "minigame" is set to 1, another value will randomly be set to either 0 or 1. Depending on the value, you will either be set in a trick minigame when you have to avoid traps, or a treat minigame when you need to catch the candy. The minigame lasts one minute, you can die in the trap minigame, and not gain points. If you die in the trap minigame, your game has ended. The treat minigame, you can not die in. You eat the candy and each one= 1 point. When you die in the trap minigame, the points you gained from the treat minigames will be added up to your score.


....and that's what we need to code! Also, when you die, a little "YOU DIED!!" Interface will come up with some information like how many trap minigames you won, and how much your total score was, how many tree at minigames you play, and how many times did you play any of the minigames. These will be counted by values. Hopefully, this makes sense.


You can make a mini game sort of like this and have a ghost randomly appear chasing the player while trick or treating.


@Stradyvarious don't get me wrong I like that but..... I was thinking traps appear in the sky, wait about one second, and come crashing down. If the trap goes on you, you've lost as in being "trapped". I don't think we will use this code, for help because it can become impossible to win and it's not what I have in mind.


Ok. @DragonLover975 and @friendship2468, you need to start saying when you won't be able to be talk. We are running out on time!


Look, I don't dedicate my whole life to hopscotch or coding. Wanna know why? They're NOT the most important things in my life, so don't complain that I'm not on here all the time.


@friendship2468 you can at least say when you're world in not focused on coding. Mine isn't focused on hopscotch. This topic has just been deserted and we only have 10 days to do this before it doesn't make sense because Halloween pasted! I just was kind of confused on where you were and why you haven't been active.


@friendship2468 I'm not complaining that you're not here all the time I'm just wondering why you aren't here at all and want to know when you are free and able to talk and not free and able to talk.