Collab with CodePerfect!



I would like to do a Collab with someone!! If you want to do a Collab fill out the form!! I will make an account and I will tell you the name!


  1. Years of Hopscotch experience.
  2. Will you be active?
  3. Will you help me?
  4. Rate your coding 1-10.
  5. Hopscotch username.



Years of hopscotch: 1 or 2
Will I be active: yes
Will I help you: IDK
Rate of coding 1
Username ValueGamesStudio™


Are you joking about your coding rating?!? Or are you not?!?


Meh. My coding is really bad.


I will think about it!!


I will don't get mad/sad if you not chose me ;D


Okay!! If I don't chose you will we still be friends?!?




Okay thanks!! Do you want to join my game contest? I need one more person!!


What is the contest?


I will tag you at it then you can decided!!


Idk I wouldn't call my self good I just started a while ago


Please consider me. This would be my first collab and I would be honored!



  1. Years of Hopscotch experience. 3 months
  2. Will you be active?yes
  3. Will you help me?if you need it
  4. Rate your coding 1-10. 2
  5. Hopscotch username. BaconStudios



Hey, just a bit of advice. If you can't decide based on their form then check their profile and see some of what they can do. :slight_smile: @CodePerfect


Youve been on longer than me and im pretty good.


Don't you already have a collab account called PerfectCoders? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
You haven't been talking about with @BaconStudios and I. Do you want to discontinue? If so,



@AwesomeNachos I am not in perfect coders anymore


@AwesomeNachos we are BaconNachos xD


That should be a type of nacho, am I right?