Collab With Anna10:)


Hey guys! Who wants to have a collab hopscotch account with Anna10?!


Can you post this on your other topic? Just so it doesn't spam the forums.


Oh that one was for tankt2016 and I. This one is for another collab!


Wasn't there about three though?


Yeah! I really want to collab!


Okay :D Sorry. You could keep bumping one of the old ones up, that is what I do if nobody is replying :slight_smile:


You know what they say! The bigger the better!


Oh I try... But sometimes peeps don't respond.


Try the Friendy Mass Tag List :D


Like the people that get to collab with MagmaPOP, Valgo, and orange scent they ALWAYS get a response and I have gotten one from smiley Allysa but it slowly faded away:(


Oh could you post that


Pls? Pls? I would love that!!!


@Anna10 would like to do a collab, but nobody is answering D:
So here goes:


Sorry! I'm already collabing!


Ok! I am just looking for one person because I am currently in one with (shoutout) @tankt2016 and could handle a second


Sry I'm a little busy... I would if I could!


What is your hopscotch username?


[quote="AHappyCoder, post:14, topic:10239"]
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[YAY!!!! Thanks for reading my post anybody on this list!]


You are not really meant to use the list more than once in the topic :wink:


Me? Love Dance:dancers: