Collab topic for @Mystic_Woods


Okay so hai.
So if you aren't @Mystic_Woods, please leave before I dump water on your head. Anywho, Mystic, READY TO BEGIN?
(You can't pretend you aren't on because I'm sitting next to you)


That will break the iPad. XD


Then I'll take your iPad, and then dump water on you! xD


I am on a computer. XD


Hey, so am I! Then I'll take your computer. But please, I do want only me and @Mystic_Woods to post in here.


Allow me, the more sane one of our duo, to explain. We created a collab account on Hopscotch, LeMadness, and this is OUAT's way of letting you know.


Where you be Mystic


gets water dumped on head
It actually feels pretty good, but I'll still leave now.

Good luck on your collab! :smile:


Gud. Ver gud.
Gices towel
Now go. x3